Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Would-Be King and the Saboteurs

The Would-Be King and the Saboteurs  Mon, 11 Jun 2012 13:44:00 GMT  

If you love to read and to know about the true “reality show” playing out in this nation, then you must purchase the “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House.” Those who do not enjoy reading are not reading this, and will likely vote with the Kool-Aid gang in November. Edward Klein, the author, is not just some “has-been” reporter but the former editor of the New York Times Magazine and has held several more prestigious jobs in the world of literature. By all means, assume, for the moment, that this man is uber liberal and yet, writes one of the best researched and most-scathing bios of Barack Hussein Obama…yes, he is a would-be king and everything leading up to his first term as President of the United States was done-so strategically, leaving multiple bodies under the bus.

Among some of the more intriguing bits, mentioned within the book, by friends of Obama and the Clinton’s are revelations about the people Barack tossed on his merry way to the White House. No man, woman, or whatnot was above the ambitions of Obama and once used; they became fodder for the garbage heap that has followed the man throughout his life. Valerie Jarrett, having gone from a former position—at the city hall level—to the White House adviser ship, is one of the worst tripping stones for the Obama administration, but she will not be tossed aside with the rest of the garbage.

Ms. Jarrett, from accounts of those who know her, is as much a saboteur to the Obama presidency as she is an adviser. These people, also insist, that she is under-qualified to hold the president’s ear. However, Jarrett is not the only saboteur to work with Obama or his campaign. Bill Clinton might not be making mistakes and slips as he talks about Romney and Obama. He might very-well be aiding in Obama’s demise. According to sources, present in the room at the time, Bill Clinton urged—in strong tones—Hillary to run against Obama, saying that polls indicate she could take the Democratic nominee.

And, there is the choice of bodies of the bus that might not be silent when the whining comes due. Among these is Jeremiah Wright and his inability to act in a civilized fashion. Jarrett’s “Queen Bee” act may be the very sting that comes back to stop Obama from gaining a second term.

There are two-hundred and sixty-one pages of information about a man whom the American people know very little about, and have watched destroy a nation through his inexperience. If you’ve not purchased the book yet, do so immediately. It’s a true glimpse into the soullessness of this administration, and the people that Obama keeps close to him. If the house of cards comes tumbling down, the real Barack Hussein Obama will see his trusted friends turn into devouring enemies, as some have already done.

Nothing that Jerome Corsi or Orly Taitz have found out will sink Obama’s chances faster than the information given freely by his ex-acquaintances, for the “would-be king” has many saboteurs in his court.

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