Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sorry, We’re not buying the Bush Excuse

Sorry, We’re not buying the Bush Excuse  Wed, 13 Jun 2012 18:07:00 GMT  

You cannot blame Bush for Solyndra or the economy, simply because it sounds so much better, than “I, the most arrogant poc to ever enter the White House (and, there have been some real stinkers before you), have created an economy that would make dogs howl.” It’s not that simple. Worse than that, Obama—you pathetic loser—it’s a lie. Here’s the deal. You set out to “fundamentally change America,” in short, destroy her, and you’ve damn near accomplished your purpose. We’ve listened to you whine. We’ve heard you lie, and now; you're grasping at straws. You’re done. It’s over. The country you chose to change has more backbone and more ethics than you will ever know, and you’ve lost through simpering, whining, and lying.

George Bush started the bank bailouts, not the automobile industry bailouts, not the stimulus for shovel ready projects that were, by no man’s calculation save your own, shovel ready. He didn't transform health care into a Nanny state dream that no nation could support, monetarily. He didn’t stop the drilling of oil, but left behind policies making it possible for you take credit for the amount of oil being drilled today. He didn’t react to Katrina for two days. You didn’t react to the BP oil rig disaster for 45 days. He didn’t promise to pay for low-income folk’s gas, rent, mortgage, or groceries. You did, and you didn’t deliver because you cannot deliver without taking money from someone else’ pocket.

He didn’t promise to redistribute other people’s income. You did, and what most of us would like to know is, “Who the hell died and made you a god that can decide who gets to keep their income and who has to forfeit to accomplish your goals?”

The Main-Stream Media—not to be mistaken with legitimate news agencies—has declared your foreign policy “The Best that ever Was!” Yes, thanks a lot you stupid jerk, now the whole world knows we have a wimp in the oval office that is willing to bow down to thugs and hoods overseas. You’ve claimed—all by yourself to hear you tell it—that you killed a man who died in Tora Bora in 2002 from kidney failure…who you had those men kill, is beyond most of us; however, no blame goes to them. They were simply following orders. Yesterday, another one of your “sure kills” rose from the dead. Are we surprised? Not in the least.

Today, you believe that the American people have a short attention span, and that we will forget what you’ve done to our beautiful nation, but don’t count on it!! Your arrogance has you insisting that you be given the respect due to a president, but you have not earned it. The only thing you’ve truly earned is a one-way ticket home…and most of us, to this day, are really not sure where that home is, because you were given a free pass and have never had to prove anything.

We hear all the cries of “racism," and it falls on deaf ears. One, you’re half white, and two, your policies and not your skin color are what we abhor. Racism has nothing to do with what is wrong with this nation. Our country has been, and will be, the only country in the world that won’t judge a man’s actions by his color but simply by what he has chosen to do. Your actions speak volumes, while your words are hollow and without meaning. Your lies are another thing. Those may seal your fate, yet.

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