Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Martial Law is Preordained when Men of Conscience Bow to Vitriol

Martial Law is Preordained when Men of Conscience Bow to Vitriol  Wed, 30 May 2012 13:57:00 GMT  

We can all do our part and make this country a better place, or we can give into human instincts and hand Obama Martial Law on a platter. Malik Shabazz continues to make threats against “the white man and his evil deeds,” with every intention of arousing the violent nature of fellow Americans. As the target of his intentions, it’s easier to find pity for a man so-filled with hate than it is to give into the primal instincts of retribution. For those who are unaware, Malik Shabazz has been a visitor at the White House on several occasions, so that when the sensible mind adds two and two, the sum becomes an understanding that he is a puppet of this administration and the liberals. To lay down Martial Law, Obama needs a fringe element willing to cause extremely violent acts…Shabazz is his man.

The combined efforts and numbers of the New Black Panther Party are only in the low-hundreds and truly pose little threat in a one-on-one situation, although men of cowardice rarely attack in such a fashion. Yes, Shabazz has been given air time to push his ideology, and yes; he would like very much to start a race war; however, how many people truly want what he is offering. Even those who want Obama to retain the presidency might come up short when the violence leads to guns, knives, and risking the very lives of their families to do Shabazz’ bidding. And, in the end, he’s just a small-minded man with a big chip on his shoulder writing checks his bank cannot cover.

Early on, before Obama took the White House, he was compared to Martin Luther King, Jr. It was a slap in the face to a man who fought violence with scripture. Obama does see himself as a modern-day King, but his vision and that of Martin Luther’s are two separate roads on a highway filled with bumps and bruises. Mr. King fought for equality. Obama fights to redistribute wealth while feeling that the white man should make reparations to the black man. At the same time, he wants to make America over to resemble the land of his father—or that of Barak Obama, Sr. who may or may not be his father? He ignores the fact that it was his ancestors who sold the slaves and blames only the white man who purchased them.

Everyone knows that slavery was wrong, and most people realize that it was an attitude and ignorance of human existence that brought it about, but how many people can pay for sins they did not commit, nor would they have committed? Slavery has been gone from this nation for over 150-years and still there are those that hang onto it as if they have not been freed. The liberals use slavery and race as a weapon to retain votes. If a man believes that he is a victim and oppressed, then he will blame the people who do not buy into his ideology. The sites of this weapon have been set on the white man and any man of color whose mindset tells him he is the architect of his destiny.

The vitriol that Shabazz spews toward the whites is mild in comparison to what he, and others say to men and women of color. Shabazz assumes the cloak of victim-hood while attempting to create victims of those he hates. A life lived in hatred cannot come to a good end. In Obama, we see a man whose hatred has led him to destroy the only country on earth where every man and woman are equal and can prosper due to the opportunities available. For Shabazz, his education has been wasted because his mindset, as a victim, has held him back from his full potential.

Violence, hatred, and greed, when combined lead to one man or an army of men destroying that which they covet. No good comes of such things.

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