Friday, June 15, 2012

Spending money, like Barack Obama - Tea Party Nation

No one spends money like Barack Obama.  He does not care what the tax payers think or even what happens to them.

He has just done it again.

What has he done?

He has gone off fundraising again, sticking the taxpayers with the tab.

In other words, we the people are paying for the privilege of this clown running for reelection.

How is that happening?

Yesterday Barack Obama went to two star studded fundraisers in New York.  Ordinarily if the President goes to a strictly political event, the campaign is on the hook for at least some of the costs of the trip.

But surprise, Obama threw in an amazingly brief trip to the World Trade Center site and suddenly it is an official trip and the taxpayers are stuck with the tab.

Would it be snide to mention yesterday was Flag Day and remind everyone of Michelle Obama’s “All of this for a flag,” comment at the 9/11 ten year anniversary ceremony?

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