Saturday, June 16, 2012

Respect is Earned: It’s not a benefit of the presidency

Respect is Earned: It’s not a benefit of the presidency  Sat, 16 Jun 2012 03:54:00 GMT  

You demand respect for an office to which you have shown no respect. You demand respect of people whom you have sorely disrespected, and you have embarrassed those people through your callous actions. You have apologized for the noble actions of people whose intent was to aid those in harm’s way and yet, you still act as though it is your right to demand? One could ask a simple question, “Are you capable of adult responsibilities and mature decisions?”

In 2008, you were gifted through the vote of a majority—notwithstanding vote tampering and corruption—of people to be the leader of the greatest nation in the world, and you have spat on that nation, its laws, and the people. Your actions today, were those of a maniacal dictator and not the respectable leader of a free country. You are despicable at best and dangerous at worst. Your arrogance and flaunting of our laws with its limited power to the presidency are an affront to the people and the forefathers who founded this country to rid themselves of treachery and tyranny. You are not only a pathetic leader—less than a leader—but a sinister force in this nation.

As of the last census, there were approximately 50-million illegal aliens—people who have broken the law by coming into this country without invitation or eligibility. Of those 50-million, it is estimated that approximately half have children. You have now saddled the people of the United States with the burden of supporting the children included in that  25-million estimate. They are here illegally, and you have illegally taken steps to make us pay for their food, homes, bills, medical, schooling, and college educations. How dare you, you arrogant imposter?

You are a servant of the people. You are not Commander-in-Chief, as you have chosen to act as dictator…therefore; you have made yourself ineligible to continue in the office of President of the United States. One can only hope that there are men of dignity and honor in the houses of Congress who will finally put an end to your reign of tyranny. If not, then the people will have to act in the stead of this nation and do their duty. Never count the American people out. We have something you could never hope to possess. We have honor, dignity, and humility, and above all else, we have a good and gracious God who protects of from the vile works of evil.

You are wrong. There will be arguments presented, and you will lose. We are not an ignorant lot of infidels, as you have assumed, and we will fight for our country. You, your arrogance, and your hatefulness make those with any morals, whatsoever, sick to their stomachs. How can you even hope to win another term in an office, for which, you were never suited or capable of holding? Your lack of patriotism and not your race is the issue. You’re incapable of serving this nation. Your sanity is in question, but your loyalty is not. You have no loyalty to this country or her people, and you prove that with every speech you give and every law you break.

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