Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Once-in-a-lifetime movie

http://www.wnd.comOnce-in-a-lifetime movie

I would love to see you push the movie “For Greater Glory.” I feel like it is being used of God to win many people to Him.

I am 70 years old, but my 45-year-old son liked it equally well. I think it is one of those phenomenal Christian movies that comes maybe every 50 years and actually changes lives. We saw it this past Saturday, and the theater was packed. Plus, people applauded at the end and actually sat in their seats until the end of the credits (they were very stunned, I am sure).

I am not Catholic (I am Baptist) and most of the movie is Catholic, but I believe that God is glorified through most of what happens. Unfortunately, it is rated R (because of violence), but the storyline forces it to show the violence. The story (true) is piercing; acting is wonderful (especially the young boy); and music (James Horner of “Titanic”) is exceptional. It is simply a movie that every Christian needs to see to be encouraged, and every non-Christian needs to see to learn the importance of knowing Jesus. Nearly everyone I know plans to see it again.

Carol Taylor

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