Sunday, June 3, 2012

Obama Denies Entrance To Vietnam Vets

Obama Denies Entrance To Vietnam VetsTom O'Halloran


By Mychal Massie

One of my best friends forwarded me the email I’ve included below. I cannot adequately express the added contempt this summons in me toward Obama. My personal friends were at the Vietnam Memorial over the Memorial Day weekend and they, too, were denied access–because of Obama.

My friends who served in Vietnam, and many other veterans, traveled great distances to pay their respects to those they served with and their fellow countrymen who gave their lives. Many of those who were denied entrance to “The Wall” bear the living scars of their service in that horrific war. They gave the very best they had to keep Southeast Asia from becoming the very thing Obama is doing his best to turn America into–a Marxist-Leninist State.

I am outraged that a person whose wife is on record saying that she had no pride in America until her husband ran for president: The person whose wife, during a ceremony honoring victims of the 9/11 terrorism attacks, leaned forward and whispered to him “All of this for a damn flag” as he nodded in agreement with her. This is the person who not only refused to place his hand over his heart during The Pledge of Allegiance, but also refused to say “The Pledge.” This is the person who demands all religious symbols be covered or removed when he is speaking at Jesuit and Catholic Universities. This is the person who called his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, his mentor and closest advisor, second only to his wife–a pastor who said “g_d damn America.” And this is the person who, for the sake of his own aggrandizement, closed one of the most important Monuments in America pursuant to the Vietnam War, preventing thousands of veterans and Americans from honoring our fallen heroes.

This person who, along with his wife and “Comrades,” has shown nothing but contempt, disrespect, and disregard (except when it benefits him not to) for our military and those who have served, his entire life. This is the person who earlier this year proposed cuts to the health benefits of military families both active duty and retired while not touching the extravagant benefits of unionized civil workers.

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Obama Denies Entrance To Vietnam Vets
Sat, 02 Jun 2012 19:38:58 GMT

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