Friday, June 8, 2012

Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Ed Schulz Grieves Wisconsin Edition |

On Wednesday, Liberal puppet Ed Schultz bemoaned the crushing defeat dealt to union supporters in Wisconsin. While it certainly comes as no surprise that Schultz would be upset about the victory of fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin, he took it in a weird direction.
Schultz began his diatribe exclaiming his astonishment that, according to NBC polls, 27% of union members and 38% of union households voted for Scott Walker.
Schultz stated:
“27% of union members said, ‘Hey, he’s our guy! He’s taken our voice away in the workplace, but he’s our guy!’ amazing!… This guy has gone after your wages, he has gone after your pension, he wants to limit your voice in the workplace and union families in Wisconsin, you voted for him?”
It seems Schultz can’t fathom a world where not everybody in a union loves being forced to be in a union in order to work in their chosen profession.
I honestly don’t know where this myth of Walker’s stripping workers of their voice came from. The collective bargaining restrictions weakens the unions’ ability to enforce the collection of dues and, if anything, gives workers a larger voice in the workplace as they have been unbundled from collectivist work practices. Under the system of entrenched unionization, workers are heavily accountable to unions, paying them thousands of dollars each year for the privilege to work and being forced to participate in many jobs that all but mandate union membership. I would submit that union members who voted for Walker may not wish to be under the “protection” of unions much like Cubans floating on a home-made raft no longer wish to be under the “protection” of Castro.
Then Schultz, explaining how such a thing could happen, followed Obama’s lead and insinuated that the Wisconsin results were products of the ignorant, cheese-eating hillfolk that clung to guns and religion as a means of political understanding:
“Wait a minute… wait a second… that’s right! President Obama brought this up years ago on the campaign trail when he said folks in rural areas cling to their guns and their religion and he was criticized for it. Example A right there [pointing to Scott Walker].” Read full story: Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Ed Schulz Grieves Wisconsin Edition |
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