Thursday, June 14, 2012

If Romney Wants to Win

If Romney Wants to Win  Thu, 14 Jun 2012 04:59:00 GMT  

Unlike the heady days in the Kennedy camp, when John pretended not to know that his dad was employing every dirty trick in the book to advance him to congressman and then the presidency, people are very aware of how politics works. We know that there are bedfellows that fall into line with candidates, who leave an ugly stain on the man they touch. We’re aware that many men have made bargains with the devil while seeking the office of President of the United States. We know all this, and just as many of us have come to resent the presence of those such as George Soros and their filthy money—and it is too, because they will do to anyone what rats would not do to one another, for the almighty buck—we will resent anyone that makes deals with the devil to take our country further down the pike.

Fortunately, for Mitt Romney, he doesn’t have to make deals with the devil, because he is running a race against time with the devil that inhabits the White House. It has been said that the Republicans are not concerned with winning the presidency, only with taking a majority in both houses of congress. The majority of conservatives see this attitude as both na├»ve and stupid. Taking power in the houses means little to a man that has written executive orders to get what he wants and done end-runs around Congress, going through the UN, at one point as if there was no legislative branch. What good is a majority when the president has become a self-appointed dictator?

The first thing that Romney must do is to choose a candidate that meets the qualifications to hold office should anything happen to the president. That means he must be eligible, and nothing less. The people are tired of the government elitist attitude. We’re sick to death of having our Constitution trampled upon and shredded before our faces. The second thing—almost as important as the first—is for Romney to choose a man the people trust and that’s not an easy task given the attitude toward the government in an atmosphere that leaves the majority distrustful of all government representation. If he chooses the wrong running mate, he may ensure that many voters will stay home on November 6th.

The last two things he must do, is to run against Obama’s record. Although the Obama campaign is running dirty, the Romney campaign should use the last four years of failure against the man who seriously believes that he can talk his way around it. And, Romney needs to invest in a book. A very powerful book that includes a chapter entitled “The Low Road.” Strangely enough, the last chapter of the book lists the 6-most pivotal presidential elections in American history with a touch of advice that Romney would do well to heed.

A good businessman always knows his opponents weaknesses and uses them against him. The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House is full of the things that could lock down the election for Romney. All of Obama’s weaknesses are listed if only the reader pays attention to the words. It is a hope, wish, or a prayer, that Romney does what is best for this country and takes the right steps to defeat the devil while avoiding all the other men who would make offers for his soul.

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