Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hey Obama, dude have you seen my job? - Tea Party Nation

It is a good thing the Obama Regime is not in the secret keeping business.  After all, secrets like the number of nuclear weapons we have, our interrogation techniques we us against terrorists or whether we were responsible for the computer viruses that attacked Iran’s nuclear program are not really important. 

Nor is it important that a secret meeting between Obama and a bunch of young actors in Hollywood slipped out.
Of course in Obama land, that meeting is the most important and as with all of the other leaks, it was done to help Obama politically.
The under thirty crowd in America must be ecstatic.  Obama met with Jessica Alba, Diana Agron and twenty other young celebrities in Hollywood. 
Of course many in the under thirty crowd have time to watch a lot of TV and see these celebrities because they are not employed.   They are not lazy.  The just simply cannot find work in the middle of the Great Obama Depression.
Obama is desperately trying to get the youth vote out for him again.  He and the left figure the youth vote is both idealistic and impressionable.  They went to bat for him big time in 2008 and he must have them if he is to have any chance at being reelected in 2012. 
Instead of worrying about what a lot of brain dead Hollywood types think, the under thirty crowd should be asking Obama, “Dude, where is my job?” Read full story: Hey Obama, dude have you seen my job? - Tea Party Nation
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