Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pastor Manning: Obama is the Worst Thing for Israel

One year ago, on May 17, 2011, Pastor James David Manning of Atlah World Missionaries produced a video that was very critical of Obama's policies in the Middle East. In particular, he said that the Arab Spring would be the worst thing for Israel.
In retrospect, after seeing the persecution of Christians in Egypt since the Arab Spring, Pastor Manning turned out to be right. 100,000 Christians have fled Egypt. (Source: CBS)
Pastor Manning plays of clip of Fmr. CIA Director Michael Scheuer, in which he says to CNN:
"It is just not going to happen [democracy] in the way you think it is going to happen, sir. Even if it did. If we had Democracy from Mauritania to Jordan, what those governments would have to reflect is popular opinion. And what you would have is the greatest anti-Israeli movement that you have ever seen in your life because Israel is hated more than anything in the Islamic world."
Pastor Manning sums things up at the end:
"What we see happening now with this so called Arab Spring led by this low life piece of trash called Barack Hussein Obama ... is to destroy Israel. Pastor Manning: Obama is the Worst Thing for Israel

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